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Book report


1. title (underlined) + author (writer)

2. publication information: Publisher (uitgever), year (the first year of publication), number of pages

3. genre (fantasy, romance, thriller, science fiction etc.)

4. a brief (short) introduction to the book and the report (only 1-2 sentences)


There are two main sections for this part:

5. in the first part (around 200-250 words) you explain what the book is about. Who are the main characters, what is the main storyline. How does the book end?

6. The second is your opinion on the book and how successful it is


7. In this section you analyse, criticise the book. You write about your own opinions: just be sure that you explain and support them with examples. Here are questions you can ask yourself (choose at least two):

· Is the writing beautiful? Why?

· What are the strengths and / or weaknesses of the book. Why?

· What is your overall response. Do you find the book dull, interesting, moving? Why?

· Would you recommend it to others? Why?

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